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Taimali 太麻里

Tàimálǐ 太麻里 is a mostly indigenous town just to the south of Taitung City 台東市 in Taitung.

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Dawu to Taitung City

Pacific vista
The vast Pacific Ocean from the east coast of Taiwan. Due east of here is Mexico.

My last big day of riding around south Taiwan in June 2015 began in Dàwǔ 大武, Taitung, with only about 55 kilometers to go before arriving in Taitung City 台東市. I had been out in the sun far too much the previous day and was feeling rather sluggish and a bit sick so I didn’t end up taking any side trips into the mountains as I made my way north. Even so, the scenery was fantastic, and while I won’t have as much to write about this particular day of my trip, I have plenty of beautiful photographs to share.