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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Central-West Tainan 台南市中西區 is the heart of Tainan City 台南市. The district is filled with shopping, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and countless old temples and crooked alleyways. Nearby Ānpíng 安平 draws all the tourists but this part of town has a lot of great stuff to uncover too.

Jul 2017

Xinjianguo Theater 新建國戲院

Feb 2017

Fire Rooster Mandala

Apr 2016

Tainan Fahua Monastery 台南法華寺

Apr 2016
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Our Lady Queen of China 中華聖母主教座堂

Mar 2016
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Tainan Station Foreshadowing

Jul 2015

The Gutted Shell of a Temple in Tainan

Jul 2015
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Tainan’s Old West Market 台南西市場

May 2015
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Xinglin General Hospital 杏林綜合醫院

Apr 2015

The Great Southern Gate of Tainan 臺灣府城大南門

Mar 2015

Chin Men Theater 全美戲院

Feb 2015
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Lunar New Year Lanterns in Tainan

Dec 2014

On the Platform Again

Dec 2014

An Old School Warehouse Party in Tainan

Nov 2014
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Tainan’s Chinatown 台南中國城

Sep 2014

Pants by Parthenogenesis

Aug 2014
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Jul 2014

The Walls of the Altar of Heaven

Jul 2014
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An Ice Cream Shop in Tainan