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Shizi 獅子

Shīzǐ 獅子 is a large mountainous district at the top end of the Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung 屏東. It is populated mainly by Taiwanese aborigines and borders Mudan, Chunri, and Fāngshān 枋山.

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Manzhou to Dawu

A valley in the mountains of the Hengchun Peninsula
Riding through the remote valley of Manzhou in Pingtung, Taiwan.

My fifth day of riding around southern Taiwan in June 2015 delivered me to the most remote parts of the island’s 1,139 kilometer-long coastline. On the previous day I rode from Fāngliáo 枋寮, on the southwestern coast, around Héngchūn 恆春 and into the foothills of the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈 to reach Mǎnzhōu 滿州, one of the last places to find lodging before forging on to Taitung. I had already taken this route while riding all around Taiwan in 2013 so I was familiar with the territory, but that first tour was so rushed that I hadn’t been able to enjoy the scenery. (Actually, I had been outrunning a typhoon the last time I was here—but that’s a story not yet told on this blog.) This time around my intent was to take it slow and explore more of this obscure part of coastal Taiwan 台灣.