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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Zhongbu 中埔

Zhōngbù 中埔 is a rural district just to the southeast of Chiayi City 嘉義市 in Chiayi 嘉義.

Vanilla Garden Minsu 香草園民宿

Rural lodging in Guanziling
An abandoned hotel in the mountains of Guanziling, Tainan.

I was out riding a scooter from Changhua 彰化 the hot springs resort town of Guanziling in rural Tainan 台南 when I noticed a rundown, seemingly abandoned building by the roadside in the mountains of Zhongpu, Chiayi 嘉義. Stopping to investigate, I discovered a mínsù 民宿 (essentially a bed and breakfast) in the early stages of decay. Initially I had no luck finding out any information about this place but more recently I uncovered its formal name: Dòngzǐjiǎo Vanilla Garden Minsu 凍仔腳香草園民宿. Dongzijiao, apparently famous for its betel nut crop, is the name of the nearest village.