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Xīngǎng 新港 is a historic town northwest of Chiayi City 嘉義市 and just across the county line from Běigǎng 北港 in Yúnlín 雲林. It is widely known for its famous Mazu temple which marks the halfway point of a notorious pilgrimage route that begins in Dajia.

Hsin Kang Theater 新港戲院

Hsin Kang Theater Exterior View
Scoping out another derelict theater in small town Taiwan.

Hsin Kang Theater 新港戲院 is located in the small town of Xingang, Chiayi 嘉義, not far from the famous Fèngtiān Temple 奉天宮. Multiple sources agree it went out of business in 1988—a victim of shifting consumer preferences and demographic changes in small town Taiwan 台灣—but the actual age of the building is somewhat uncertain. This academic reference suggests it was founded in 1929, in the midst of the Japanese colonial era, but the theater was almost certainly renovated or completely rebuilt in the post-war period.