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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Pǔzi 朴子 is the most significant settlement in western Chiayi 嘉義. It is roughly equidistant from Běigǎng 北港 and Bùdài 布袋.

Shuangxikou Brick Kiln 雙溪口磚窯

A Brick Kiln on the Horizon
The brick kiln’s chimney still towers over the rice paddies of this part of rural Chiayi.

Recently I wrote about the Liùjiǎo Brick Kiln 六腳磚窯, an obscure abandonment in rural Chiayi 嘉義, Taiwan 台灣. While attempting to find out more about that kiln I found a reference to a second abandoned kiln in the area, the Shuāngxīkǒu Brick Kiln 雙溪口磚窯, informally named after the closest village in neighboring Puzi. Weeks after visiting the first kiln I returned to scope out the second and—insofar as I can tell—only other remaining brick kiln in this expanse of the Chianan Plain 嘉南平原. It was a hazy, grey day out there so these photos aren’t nearly as nice as those of the other kiln, but in the interest of adding a little something to the historic record I’m sharing them here anyway.