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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Changhua 彰化

Changhua 彰化 (pinyin: Zhānghuà) is located in central Taiwan south of Taichung 台中, west of Nantou, and north of Yúnlín 雲林. It is primarily flat and rural though you will find some activity in Changhua City 彰化市 and Yuánlín 員林. Lukang 鹿港, one of the three most historic old towns in Taiwan, is also located in Changhua.

Jun 2016

Daodong Academy 道東書院

Dec 2015
Comments 3

Renting an Apartment in Changhua City

Dec 2015
Comments 5

Changhua Roundhouse 彰化扇形車庫

Sep 2015


Sep 2015

Roadside Entertainment in Rural Changhua

Jul 2015

Changhua Scrapyard Study

Jun 2015
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Yutian Automotive Factory 羽田汽車工廠

May 2015

Qiaoyou Building Supplemental

May 2015
Comments 8

Yumei Hall 玉美堂

May 2015

An Abandoned Chemical Plant in Changhua City

Apr 2015
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Qiaoyou Building 喬友大廈

Apr 2015

Mazu Mania in Changhua City 媽祖繞境

Apr 2015

False Modesty

Apr 2015

Double Dragons in Rural Changhua

Apr 2015

Caught in a Loop

Apr 2015

Red Hair Well 紅毛井

Apr 2015
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Fuxing Fishermen’s Association 彰化縣福興區漁會

Mar 2015

To Wound the Autumnal City…