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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Dàcūn 大村 is a rural township next to Yuánlín 員林. It is mainly known for being home to Dayeh University 大葉大學, which has a campus on the slopes of Baguashan.

Jun 2015
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Yutian Automotive Factory 羽田汽車工廠

Apr 2015

Caught in a Loop

Dec 2014

Dayeh Futian Temple 大葉福天宮

Nov 2014

Broken Pipe

Jul 2014

A Snapshot of Productivity

Jun 2014

Found in a Taiwanese Breakfast Shop

May 2014
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A Traditional Home in Dacun 大村三合院

May 2014
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Luwei 滷味

Apr 2014

Moment of Departure

Apr 2014

Riding Through the Changhua Countryside

Dec 2013

A Stranger in This Strange Land