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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Regions 地區

This page offers a high-level overview of the many different places I’ve written about here on my blog. I have published a wide variety of content from trips around the world and at home, occasionally dabbling in long-form travel writing, but mostly posting short explanatory pieces based on single images as a way of sharing my experiences. Follow any of these links to find out more…

232 Divisions
653 Posts
Taiwan 台灣
18 Divisions
173 Posts
Taipei 台北
Taiwan 台灣
43 Divisions
109 Posts
20 Divisions
98 Posts
Changhua 彰化
Taiwan 台灣
24 Divisions
73 Posts
Xinbei (New Taipei) 新北
Taiwan 台灣
23 Divisions
71 Posts
Taichung 台中
Taiwan 台灣
21 Divisions
68 Posts
19 Divisions
57 Posts
Tainan 台南
Taiwan 台灣
11 Divisions
51 Posts
Ontario, Canada
6 Divisions
41 Posts
Taichung City 台中市
Taichung 台中, Taiwan 台灣
4 Divisions
41 Posts
Tainan City 台南市
Tainan 台南, Taiwan 台灣
13 Divisions
37 Posts
British Columbia
36 Posts
Da'an District 大安區
Taipei 台北, Taiwan 台灣
35 Posts
Zhongzheng District 中正區
Taipei 台北, Taiwan 台灣
31 Posts
Changhua City 彰化市
Changhua 彰化, Taiwan 台灣
28 Posts
Central-West Tainan 台南市中西區
Tainan 台南, Taiwan 台灣
8 Divisions
26 Posts
British Columbia, Canada
10 Divisions
25 Posts
Taoyuan 桃園
Taiwan 台灣