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Primordial voyage


Thailand, the land of smiles, is a land of great natural and cultural wonders and almost incomparable vice and iniquity. I first visited in early 2012, roaming around Bangkok, Krabi, Chiang Mai, and Koh Phangan, before returning to Chiang Mai in 2015 and 2016. My time in Thailand has often been challenging but illuminating, perhaps a little different than the usual tourist experience of crazy parties and cheap massages, and I share some of what I've seen there in this section.
Jul 2016

Space Roller, Chiang Mai

Mar 2016

White Lion House, Chiang Mai

Feb 2016

Unreal Portal

Jan 2015

House of Success, Chiang Mai

Jan 2015

Postcards From Chiang Mai 1

Mar 2012

Postcards From Bangkok 3

Mar 2012

Postcards From Bangkok 2

Mar 2012

Postcards From Bangkok 1

Mar 2012

Exiled on Koh Phangan

Mar 2012

The Temples of Koh Phangan

Feb 2012

Along The Coast of Krabi