Returning to Nanfangao harbour
Postcards From Nanfang’ao 南方澳
Dec 2015
Family Mart in the fishing port town of Nanfang’ao.
Bitcoin now available at Family Mart in Taiwan
Oct 2014
Getting lost on the Yilan coast
The Wild Shores of Yilan
Jul 2014
Follow me
Follow me
Jun 2014
A certain amount of ambiguity is beautiful
A beautiful ambiguity
May 2014
Water pooling against a wall in the leaning tower
The Leaning Tower of Su’ao 蘇澳斜塔
May 2014
The shipyards of Nanfangao 南方澳
The shipyards of Nanfang’ao 南方澳船廠
May 2014
Music of the shadows
Music of the shadows
May 2014
Green portal
A garden grows within it
May 2014
Inside an old market in Luodong
Concrete dreams in Luodong
Apr 2014
Famous lamb soup in Luodong night market
Lamb soup vendor at Luodong Night Market
Apr 2014
Old Caoling Tunnel (舊草嶺隧道), north entrance
Old Caoling Tunnel 舊草嶺隧道
Apr 2014
Black sand beach at Waiao
Surfing at the black sand beaches of Waiao
Aug 2013