The funky fish soup shop in Jinguashi
A Funky Fish Shack in Jinguashi 金瓜石白帶魚米粉湯
Mar 2016
Shuqi Road, the famous stairway in Jiufen
An Overnight Trip to Keelung via Jinguashi and Jiufen
Jan 2016
The teahouses of Jiufen at sunset
The Famous Teahouses of Jiufen
Jul 2015
Ogon Shrine foundation
Ogon Shrine 黄金神社
May 2015
Jilong Mountain and the Thirteen Levels
Dark Mountain
May 2015
A lost window reversed
Through A Broken Window
Mar 2015
We have explosive
Jinguashi Old House 金瓜石老屋
Feb 2015
The cathedral in black and white
All Equally In Gloom
Oct 2014
Peanut brittle and taro ice cream treat
A Peanut Brittle and Ice Cream Roll in Jiufen
Oct 2014
Remnants of a lost kingdom
Remnants of a Lost Kingdom
Jul 2014
Technicolor windowpane
Technicolor Windowpane
Jun 2014
Jiufen in the mist
Jiufen, City of Sadness
May 2014
Guangong watching over Jinguashi
A Trip to Jinguashi and Jiufen
Jul 2013