Ear cleaning shop in Wanhua
Clean Your Head
Apr 2016
Parking in a sidewalk bicycle lane in Taipei
Blatant Disregard For A Bicycle Lane in Taipei
Feb 2016
Lunar new year’s day at Longshan Temple
New Years Day at Longshan Temple 龍山寺
Feb 2016
Herb Alley 青草巷
Herb Alley 青草巷
Feb 2016
A creepy sign on Xining South Road in Taipei
Jan 2016
On the edge of Taipei in January 2016
Over The Riverside Wilderness
Jan 2016
Shipping and receiving at 7-Eleven
Convenience Store Shipping in Taiwan
Jan 2016
A hawk on the streets of Monga
Hawking on the Streets of Monga
Dec 2015
Muslim demonstrators in Taipei
A Muslim demonstration in Ximending
Dec 2015
Monga scooter style
Vintage Scooter Style in Monga
Dec 2015
Storehouse by the roadside in Wanhua District
A charcoal storehouse in Wanhua
Jul 2015
An abandoned building in a labyrinth of alleyways
Hidden in the alleyways of Monga
Jul 2015
A tiled apartment block in Monga
Monga Tenement Blues
Dec 2014
Taipei flood gates
Taipei Walled City
Nov 2014
Bangka at dawn
Bangka at Dawn
Nov 2014
Ximenting rooftop scene
From The Rooftop of Shinjuku Plaza 西門新宿
Oct 2014
An old school breakfast shop in Ximending
An Old School Breakfast Shop in Ximending
Jul 2014
Riverside evacuation gate
Through The Evacuation Gate
May 2014