Rusty iron flower
In Rust We Trust
Jan 2017
Watch out for giant birds
Giant Bird Crossing at Taida
Jul 2016
Yifang Old House 義芳居古厝
Yifang Old House 義芳居古厝
Apr 2016
A remnant of Taipei Prison
The Remains of Taipei Prison 臺北監獄圍牆遺蹟
Mar 2016
Da’an UFO Home
Da’an UFO House 大安飛碟屋
Mar 2016
People mover
Taipei Metro XX
Mar 2016
Outside Nanshan Theater
Outside Nanshan Theater 湳山戲院
Mar 2016
Taipei MRT ticket machines
Magic Machines in the Taipei Underground
Dec 2015
Bad foreigner
Bad Foreigner on the MRT
Nov 2015
A tiny shrine to the Four-Faced Buddha
The Four-Faced Buddha of Yongkang Street 永康街四面佛
Oct 2015
Pica Pica lightbulb
A Light In The Darkness
Sep 2015
No place to sit
Another hazard of bike ownership in Taipei
Sep 2015
An ordinary cup of coffee
A Proper Cup of Coffee
Sep 2015
Roasting coffee at Rufous
Roasting Coffee at Rufous
Sep 2015
Taiwan Civil Government movement on the streets of Taipei
Taiwan as American Territory
May 2015
Back on Zhongxiao Road in Taipei
A Small Dose of the Big City
Apr 2015
A funky old house near Shida
An Eclectic House in Taipei
Oct 2014
Postcards from Neo Taipei
A Postcard From Neo Taipei
Jun 2014