An oblong look at Dong’an Theater
Dong’an Theater 東安戲院
Apr 2017
Fire chicken circle
Fire Rooster Mandala
Feb 2017
A pink sanheyuan in Alian District
South Taiwan Ride 2015: Tainan to Pingtung City
Jun 2016
Beneath an electric blue sky
Qingkunshen Fan-Shaped Saltern 青鯤鯓扇形鹽田
Jun 2016
An oblique view of Fahua Temple, Tainan
Tainan Fahua Monastery 台南法華寺
Apr 2016
The interior of Our Lady of China Catholic church
Our Lady Queen of China 中華聖母主教座堂
Apr 2016
Ticket booths at Tainan Station
Tainan Station Foreshadowing
Mar 2016
Exploring the upper levels of Shanxi temple in Guanmiao
Guanmiao Shanxi Temple 關廟山西宮
Oct 2015
Sundown in the badlands
Exploring the Badlands of Southern Taiwan
Aug 2015
Shatao Temple 沙淘宮 under reconstruction
The Gutted Shell of a Temple in Tainan
Jul 2015
Old Ximen Market in Tainan
Tainan’s Old West Market 台南西市場
Jul 2015
The doctor is in
Xinglin General Hospital 杏林綜合醫院
May 2015
Nanmen, Tainan’s great southern gate
The Great Southern Gate of Tainan 臺灣府城大南門
Apr 2015
Xiaoximen and the ruins of the eastern wall
Xiaoximen and the Eastern Walls of Tainan
Apr 2015
An abandoned cinema in Guanmiao
An Abandoned Cinema in Guanmiao
Mar 2015
A bamboo tank in Xinguang Village
A bamboo tank in rural Tainan
Mar 2015
Putuoshan White Temple main hall
Putuoshan White Temple 普陀山白衣道場
Mar 2015
Hand-painted movie posters in Tainan
Chin Men Theater 全美戲院
Mar 2015