The rundown facade of the Mingzhi Building
A Curious Character
May 2017
An elementary school with unusal Islamic influences
Elementary Islamic Pastiche
Feb 2017
In front of the Taiwan Sun Cake Museum
Outside Quan’an Hall 全安堂
Jan 2017
Textures and geometry in the ruins of Taichung
An Empty Shell on Dayong Street 大勇街屋
Jan 2017
Taichung parking lot abstract
Parking Lot Palimpsest
Jan 2017
A little heaven in disaster areas
Iron Butterflies in the Scorched Ruins of Old Taichung
Jan 2017
Taichung’s Zhongsen Theater 中森戲院
A Requiem for Zhongsen Theater 中森戲院
Dec 2016
An abandoned fortification on the Dadu Plateau
Dadu Plateau Anti-Airborne Fortifications 大肚台地反空降堡
Nov 2016
Former Japanese Army Taichung Aerodrome Gun Tower 原日軍臺
Taichung Aerodrome Gun Tower 臺中飛行場機槍堡
Oct 2016
Snaking up the walls of Taichung
A System of Tubes
Sep 2016
Outside the Zhongying Recreational Building in Taichung
Outside the Zhongying Recreational Building 中英育樂大樓
Sep 2016
A shark cemetery in Taichung
Taichung Shark Cemetery 台中鯊魚墳場
Aug 2016
Still here after all these years
Shuidui Settlement 水碓聚落
Aug 2016
Mondrian garage
Mondrian Parking Garage
Jul 2016
Taichung sunset before the storm
Taichung Sunset Before The Storm
Jul 2016
Reflections of the Qianyue Building UFO
Rooftop Reflections at the Qianyue Building 千越大樓
Jul 2016
Heart of the market
Dark Heart of the Doomed Market
Jul 2016
Whitey’s up to no good again
Whitey’s Up To No Good Again
May 2016