Taiwan bicycle tour: Donggang to Kenting

On the outskirts of Donggang.

My ride from to was a blast! I started my day in but my bicycle was already in . I left it there the night before when it started raining on my way back from the lovely little island of . That meant I had to take public transit for about two hours before hitting the road for real.

After a small but expensive Western-style breakfast near Kaohsiung Arena 高雄巨蛋1 I went underground to Xiaogang MRT to catch the bus, route 9117, back to Donggang, with all my stuff. Since it was a holiday I had booked a hotel in , about 80 kilometers down the road. I also arranged to meet a friend of mine down there later in the evening. So much for going with the flow: on this particular day I had a specific destination and a schedule to stick to!

Greetings from Kenting


Greetings from ! I have travelled about 550 km solely by pedal power, almost halfway around the island. Tomorrow I will cycle the last few miles to the very southern tip of … and then I will head north to put a little distance between me and typhoon Usagi. Hopefully I make it to or some other cool place before I have to hunker down and weather the storm!