Stripped down to the core in Caotun
Brutalist Parkade
Feb 2017
A forest grows out of the old movie theater
Puli Huaguo Theater 埔里華國戲院
Apr 2016
An old cinema in Nantou City
A Busy Day at Nantou Theater 南投大戲院
Apr 2016
Impressions of the past in Nantou City
Ghostly Vesicle
Mar 2016
Crossing the central mountain range of Taiwan
Crossing the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan
Nov 2015
The view from the bottom of the snake kiln
Shuili Snake Kiln 水里蛇窯
Nov 2015
Tea fields of Mingjian
Stung By A Bee
Nov 2015
The Geographic Center of Taiwan 台灣地理中心
Oct 2015
A city made of concrete
The Interface Between Cells Of The City
Oct 2015
Morning mist in the mountains of Nantou
A Misty Morning in The Mountains of Puli
Oct 2015
Blind lion
Blind Stone Lion
Oct 2015
Sundown on Sun Moon Lake
Sundown on Sun Moon Lake 日月潭
May 2015
Inside Caotun Tourist Night Market
Caotun Night Market 草屯夜市
Jan 2015
Through the keyhole
Through The Keyhole
Oct 2014
Misty lake, lotus forest
Nantou’s Misty Lotus Forest 忘憂森林
Oct 2014
The very definition of abandoned
The Very Definition of Abandoned
Sep 2014
Wuchang temple 武昌宮 falling into ruin
Wuchang Temple 武昌宮
Aug 2014
Osama Bin Laden hotpot
Bin Laden Hotpot House
Jul 2014