Green window in the ruins
Tiny Spaces
Jan 2017
We are your friend
A Defender of China
Dec 2016
Abandoned elephant slide
Sad Elephant
Nov 2016
An abandoned house on the edge of urban Hsinchu
An Abandoned House and Community Garden in Hsinchu
Nov 2016
Deep into Hsinchu County
A Lantern Trio in Hsinchu County
Sep 2016
Down at ground level inside Xinxing Theater
Xinxing Theater 新興戲院
Sep 2016
Ghostly imprint in the in between
Spaces In Between
Sep 2016
The view from within the abandoned aquarium
Golden Birds Paradise 金鳥海族樂園
May 2016
Qing dynasty arcade
Qing Dynasty Arcade
Apr 2016
Wenya Barber Shop, Hsinchu City
A Vintage Barber in Hsinchu
Apr 2016
Peering into the former Hsinchu City Activity Center
Peering Into A Sports Center in Hsinchu City
Apr 2016
Xinfu Jewelry in Hsinchu
A Gem of a Storefront in Hsinchu
Apr 2016
A thousand electric candles
A Thousand Electric Candles in the Server Room of the Gods
Dec 2015
Vintage clocks at Hexing Station
Vintage Style at Hexing Station 合興車站
Sep 2015
A tramway tower in Hsinchu County
Asia Cement Aerial Tramway 亞泥空中纜車
Sep 2015
Animating spirit
Animating Spirit
Oct 2014
Heavy industrial in Hsinchu
Taiwan bicycle tour: Zhubei to Fengyuan
Oct 2013
Traditional home amidst endless condos
Taiwan bicycle tour: Hsinchu and Zhubei
Sep 2013