Chiayi alien underworld
Alien Underworld
Feb 2017
Meishan switchbacks
Coming Down From Alishan
Feb 2015
Riding through rural Chiayi county
A Sun Shower in Rural Chiayi
Sep 2014
The front deck of the termite palace at Spring grass gardens 春
Vanilla Garden Minsu 香草園民宿
Sep 2014
Heading off the main highway in rural Tainan
A Long Ride Across Central Taiwan
Jun 2014
Wrapped around the window of the Minxiong ghost house
Minxiong Ghost House 民雄鬼屋
Jun 2014
Oyster mountain in Budai
Taiwan bicycle tour: Budai to Tainan
Feb 2014
On the way to Budai
Taiwan bicycle tour: Lukang to Budai
Jan 2014