On the factory floor at the old automotive plant
Yutian Automotive Factory 羽田汽車工廠
Jun 2015
The rice fields of rural Changhua
Caught In A Loop
Apr 2015
Remains of a mountaintop temple in Changhua
Dayeh Futian Temple 大葉福天宮
Dec 2014
Broken pipe
Broken Pipe
Nov 2014
Convenience store coffee in Taiwan
Nov 2014
Let’s get connected
A Snapshot of Productivity
Jul 2014
Breakfast reading
Found in a Taiwanese Breakfast Shop
Jun 2014
An abandoned courtyard home in Dacun township
A Traditional Home in Dacun 大村三合院
May 2014
A luwei shop in rural Changhua county
Luwei 滷味
May 2014
At the moment of departure
Moment of Departure
Apr 2014
Riding through the Changhua countryside on a hot afternoon in April
Riding Through the Changhua Countryside
Apr 2014
I’m sorry, but I’m a stranger here
A Stranger In This Strange Land
Dec 2013