An abandoned car on the way to Nangang
A Green Car in the Mountains of Nangang
Apr 2016
Pimpin’ ride in Sanchong
Sanchong Scooter Style
Apr 2016
Monga scooter style
Vintage Scooter Style in Monga
Dec 2015
An old car in Jingtong, Pingxi
Automotive Entropy
Sep 2015
The friendly scooter on earth
Taiwanese Scooter Stickers
Sep 2015
Taxi glitch
Toronto Taxi Tales
Aug 2015
Taoyuan City scooter parking lot
A Sea of Empty Scooters
Aug 2015
Taiwan Civil Government movement on the streets of Taipei
Taiwan as American Territory
May 2015
Don’t Drink and Drive, Taiwan Style
Mar 2015
Vintage TTC streetcar
Red Rocket
Sep 2014
Paddleboats on Xindian river
Paddle Boats on Xindian River
May 2014
An accidental art car in Taipei
Accidental Art Car
May 2014
A still image from Neo Taipei
On The Dark Streets of Neo Taipei
May 2014
Inside the wall
Searching For A Break In The Wall
Jul 2013