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Vanished places receding from human memory. Often there is nothing more than photographs to recall what was once there. See also: abandoned and urbex.

Tainan’s Chinatown 台南中國城

Chinatown, Tainan
This is Chinatown, a half-abandoned shopping and entertainment complex in Tainan.

Tainan Chinatown 台南中國城 is a half-abandoned and soon to be demolished shopping mall and entertainment complex in Tainan City 台南市. Built in 1983, it was designed by C.Y. Lee, a famous architect who later directed the construction of 85 Sky Tower and Taipei 101. I happened to breeze by one sunny afternoon in January 2014 to shoot a few photos with some friends so I figure I may as well share them here.

Letters From The Past

Letters from the past
An old mailbox in the now-demolished Huaguang Community.

Last summer I took a stroll through the doomed Huáguāng Community 華光社區, walking down the laneway that borders the ruins of Taipei City Prison. Immediately to the north is a long row of abandoned homes—though perhaps “abandoned” is not quite the right term for them. Residents had been forcibly evicted by the government and the whole neighbourhood was slated for destruction within months.

Haunted Negatives

Found negatives in a house on Yinhe Road
Found negatives in a house on Yinhe Road.

I regularly find photographic negatives while exploring old buildings in Taiwan 台灣. Negatives interest me as they record something of the lives of those who have vanished. Sometimes I will pick up a set of negatives and hold them up to the light in a vain attempt to peer through a tiny window into the past. I seldom see much more than the glowing silhouettes of people standing in the sun.