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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection


Urbex or urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, particularly those found outside the everyday the margins of everyday society. This includes abandoned and disused spaces but also rooftops, underground infrastructure, and many other places not normally open to casual examination. The practice isn't limited to cities despite the use of the word urban; anything artificial is fair game and you'll end up seeing a lot of rural ruins here on my blog. See also: abandoned, exploration, rewilding, protected, inaccessible, and vanished.

May 2017
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Ershui Assembly Hall 二水公會堂

Ershui Assembly Hall 二水公會堂 is located in Ershui 二水, a small town at the very southern edge of Changhua 彰化, on the border with both Yunlin 雲林 (to the south)…
Apr 2017

Linkou Lightning Building 林口閃電大樓

The Linkou Lightning Building 林口閃電大樓 is an infamous ruin not far from the newly-opened Taoyuan Airport MRT line in Linkou 林口, recently named the fastest-growing district in Xinbei. It is…
Apr 2017

Dong’an Theater 東安戲院

Recently I added yet another theater to my growing catalogue of old school cinemas in Taiwan 台灣: the derelict Dong’an Grand Theater 東安大戲院 in East Tainan 台南市東區. This theater opened…
Apr 2017

Department of Decay

Today I went to investigate reports of an abandoned building on the edge of Ximending 西門町, a busy commercial district in central Taipei 台北. It is fairly well-known due to…
Mar 2017
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Yuanlin Hospital 員林醫院

Despite having spent a lot of time in Yuanlin 員林, a mid-sized city in central Changhua 彰化, Taiwan 台灣, I have only recently begun to explore some of its more…
Mar 2017

Inside the Decaying Courtyard

Yesterday I followed a lead to Lanzhou Public Housing 蘭州國宅, a KMT authoritarian era project in central Datong District 大同區, Taipei 台北. It is similar to Nanjichang Community 南機場社區, a…
Feb 2017

The Ruins of the Aduana Building

The Aduana Building, also known as the Intendencia, is located just outside the walls of Intramuros, the historic center of Spanish colonial Manila. Originally built as a customs house in…
Jan 2017
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South Taiwan Ride 2015: Taitung City

Taitung City 台東市, the administrative capital of Taitung, was my final destination on a multi-day bicycle tour around southern Taiwan 台灣 in the summer of 2015. Previously I shared words…
Jan 2017

An Empty Shell on Dayong Street 大勇街屋

The south side of central Taichung 台中 is undergoing massive changes with the opening of the new Taichung Station. Formerly one of the most rundown parts of urban Taiwan 台灣,…
Jan 2017
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Donggong Theater 東宮戲院

Donggong Theater 東宮戲院 is located in Dongshi, a Hakka majority township in mountainous central Taichung 台中. Dongshi (or Tungshih in the older Wade–Giles Romanization system) is the gateway to the…