An abandoned residential tower on Wanshou Road
Wanshou Road Residential Ruins 萬壽路廢棄社區
Taiwan 台灣 is riddled with failed construction projects, monuments to avarice, incompetence, and bureaucracy. Building defects, mismanagement, and land ownership disputes are common causes, but legal battles, limited funding for costly demolitions, and a lack of political often ensure such projects remain a blight on the urban landscape of the…
May 2017
Out front at Binh Tay Market in Ho Chi Minh City
Binh Tay Market Under Renovation
This week I am visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on another visa run from Taiwan 台灣. Six months ago I visited Hanoi and enjoyed my time there—check out this photo gallery for a comprehensive overview—so I’m hoping to repeat the experience in the emerging megacity further south. My first…
May 2017
Out front at the Ershui Assembly Hall
Ershui Assembly Hall 二水公會堂
Ershui Assembly Hall 二水公會堂 is located in Ershui 二水, a small town at the very southern edge of Changhua 彰化, on the border with both Yunlin 雲林 (to the south) and Nantou 南投 (to the east). It is one of dozens of similar assembly halls built all around Taiwan 台灣…
May 2017
The infamous lightning building of Linkou
Linkou Lightning Building 林口閃電大樓
The Linkou Lightning Building 林口閃電大樓 is an infamous ruin not far from the newly-opened Taoyuan Airport MRT line in Linkou 林口, recently named the fastest-growing district in Xinbei (New Taipei) 新北. It is also known as the Linkou Strange House 林口怪怪屋 and occasionally appears in Taiwanese media alongside the Longtan…
Apr 2017
An oblong look at Dong’an Theater
Dong’an Theater 東安戲院
Recently I added yet another theater to my growing catalogue of old school cinemas in Taiwan 台灣: the derelict Dōng’ān Grand Theater 東安大戲院 in East Tainan 台南市東區. This theater opened in 1969 and closed its doors not long after the turn of the millennium, another victim of changing consumer habits.
Apr 2017
Irregular facade
Department of Decay
Today I went to investigate reports of an abandoned building on the edge of Xīméndīng 西門町, a busy commercial district in central Taipei 台北. It is fairly well-known due to its central location but I could find no easy means of entry for the very same reasons. From this television…
Apr 2017
Yuanlin Hospital in deep afternoon
Yuanlin Hospital 員林醫院
Despite having spent a lot of time in Yuanlin 員林, a mid-sized city in central Changhua 彰化, Taiwan 台灣, I have only recently begun to explore some of its more famous ruins. Among these is Yuanlin Hospital 員林醫院, formally the Changhua County Yuanlin Hospital 彰化縣立員林醫院, originally built in 1963 and…
Mar 2017
Inside the decaying courtyard
Inside The Decaying Courtyard
Yesterday I followed a lead to Lánzhōu Public Housing 蘭州國宅, a KMT authoritarian era project in central Datong District 大同區, Taipei 台北. It is similar to Nanjichang Community 南機場社區, a far more well-known housing project in Wanhua District 萬華區, but this building was constructed almost ten years later in 1973.
Mar 2017
A Spanish colonial building on the edge of Intramuros
The Ruins of the Aduana Building
The Aduana Building, also known as the Intendencia, is located just outside the walls of Intramuros, the historic center of Spanish colonial Manila. Originally built as a customs house in the 1820s, it has undergone several cycles of destruction and renewal starting in 1863, when the building was almost completely…
Feb 2017
Looking northwest from Liyushan 鯉魚山 in Taitung City
South Taiwan Ride 2015: Taitung City
Taitung City 台東市, the administrative capital of Taitung 台東, was my final destination on a multi-day bicycle tour around southern Taiwan 台灣 in the summer of 2015. Previously I shared words and photos from every day on the road so this post will act as something of an epilogue. Start…
Jan 2017