Changhua Railway Village apartment block
On the Edge of the Changhua Railway Village 彰化台鐵宿舍村
Oct 2016
An abandoned car on the way to Nangang
A Green Car in the Mountains of Nangang
Apr 2016
Pimpin’ ride in Sanchong
Sanchong Scooter Style
Apr 2016
Ticket booths at Tainan Station
Tainan Station Foreshadowing
Mar 2016
People mover
Taipei Metro XX
Mar 2016
Changhua Roundhouse vista
Changhua Roundhouse 彰化扇形車庫
Dec 2015
Roofing detail at the Paco Railway Station
Paco Railway Station
Nov 2015
Alien skies over Beitou
Alien Skies Over Beitou
Oct 2015
An old car in Jingtong, Pingxi
Automotive Entropy
Sep 2015
Vintage clocks at Hexing Station
Vintage Style at Hexing Station 合興車站
Sep 2015
The friendly scooter on earth
Taiwanese Scooter Stickers
Sep 2015
A tramway tower in Hsinchu County
Asia Cement Aerial Tramway 亞泥空中纜車
Sep 2015
On the way to Beitou
On the Platform at Beitou Station
Aug 2015
Taxi glitch
Toronto Taxi Tales
Aug 2015
Taoyuan City scooter parking lot
A Sea of Empty Scooters
Aug 2015
A tunnel on the coastal plains of Pingtung
A False Tunnel on the Coastal Plains of Pingtung 嘉和遮體
Jun 2015
Taiwan Civil Government movement on the streets of Taipei
Taiwan as American Territory
May 2015
Don’t Drink and Drive, Taiwan Style
Mar 2015