Sundown over the coast of Badouzi
Postcards From Badouzi 八斗子
Feb 2017
Oblique shot of the Xizhou Chenggong Hostel 溪州成功旅社
Xizhou Chenggong Hostel 溪州成功旅社
Jan 2017
A closer look at Fanjiang Ancestral Hall 范姜祖堂
Fanjiang Ancestral Hall 范姜祖堂
Oct 2016
Fresh fish at Kanziding Fish Market
Keelung’s All-Night Kanziding Fish Market 基隆崁仔頂漁市場
May 2016
Coming down near Xiaoyoukeng
A Foggy Hike in Yangmingshan 陽明山
May 2016
Returning to Nanfangao harbour
Postcards From Nanfang’ao 南方澳
Dec 2015
Changhua Roundhouse vista
Changhua Roundhouse 彰化扇形車庫
Dec 2015
Crossing the central mountain range of Taiwan
Crossing the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan
Nov 2015
The Geographic Center of Taiwan 台灣地理中心
Oct 2015
Lotus Pond’s famous dragon and tiger pagodas 龍虎塔
The quirky temples of Lotus Pond 蓮池潭
May 2015
Totoro in Taichung
Totoro Bus Stop in Taichung
May 2015
Rainbow Village Christmas
A Glimpse Inside The Rainbow Village
Jan 2015
Misty lake, lotus forest
Nantou’s Misty Lotus Forest 忘憂森林
Oct 2014
Wuchang temple 武昌宮 falling into ruin
Wuchang Temple 武昌宮
Aug 2014
The most iconic stretch of Miaokou night market 廟口夜市
Miaokou Night Market 廟口夜市
Aug 2014
Old Caoling Tunnel (舊草嶺隧道), north entrance
Old Caoling Tunnel 舊草嶺隧道
Apr 2014