A statue of Chiang Kai-shek inside Kuixing Temple, Tamsui
The Divine Dictator
Jan 2017
Inside the courtyard at the famous Changhua Confucius Temple
Postcards From Changhua City 2 彰化市明信片
Oct 2016
The gigantic statue on top of Hengwen temple, Yuanlin
Hengwen Temple 衡文宮
Sep 2016
Crossing the Linbian River at sunset
South Taiwan Ride 2015: Pingtung City to Fangliao
Jun 2016
The rooftop at Qinghe Temple 清和宮 in Alian
Three Stars in Rural Kaohsiung
Jun 2016
Looking into Yuqu Temple, Lukang
Lukang Yuqu Temple 鹿港玉渠宮
Jun 2016
Silly tiger at Daodong Academy
Daodong Academy 道東書院
Jun 2016
An oblique view of Fahua Temple, Tainan
Tainan Fahua Monastery 台南法華寺
Apr 2016
Ghost money in a small shrine in Taichung
Daily Needs in the Next World
Apr 2016
The interior of Our Lady of China Catholic church
Our Lady Queen of China 中華聖母主教座堂
Apr 2016
Wansheng Zizhu Monastery 萬聖紫竹寺
Wansheng Zizhu Monastery 萬聖紫竹寺
Feb 2016
Puji Temple, Beitou
Puji Temple 普濟寺
Jan 2016
A tiny shrine to the Four-Faced Buddha
The Four-Faced Buddha of Yongkang Street 永康街四面佛
Oct 2015
Exploring the upper levels of Shanxi temple in Guanmiao
Guanmiao Shanxi Temple 關廟山西宮
Oct 2015
Lotus Pond’s famous dragon and tiger pagodas 龍虎塔
The quirky temples of Lotus Pond 蓮池潭
May 2015
The big guns come out for Mazu
Mazu Mania in Changhua City 媽祖繞境
Apr 2015
Putuoshan White Temple main hall
Putuoshan White Temple 普陀山白衣道場
Mar 2015
Crossing the bridge into Beigang
Postcards From Beigang 北港明信片
Jan 2015