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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection
Fuzzy caterpillar on the Yinhe trail


Explorations of the natural world at the interface between creation and artifice.

May 2017
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Taiwan’s Only Geometrid Moth

Feb 2017
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Postcards From Badouzi 八斗子明信片

Sep 2016

A Close Encounter With An Atlas Moth

Aug 2016
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South Taiwan Ride 2015: Dawu to Taitung City

Aug 2016
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South Taiwan Ride 2015: Manzhou to Dawu

Jun 2016
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Qingkunshen Fan-Shaped Saltern 青鯤鯓扇形鹽田

May 2016
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A Foggy Hike in Yangmingshan 陽明山

Feb 2016

Explorations of the Pacific Edge

Nov 2015
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Crossing the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan

Aug 2015
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Exploring the Badlands of Southern Taiwan

Jul 2015

Natural and Artificial Forms

May 2015

Sundown on Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Mar 2015

Out in the Riverside Wilderness in Taipei

Mar 2015

Nemophilist Album Artwork

Feb 2015
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Qingpu Hotel 清瀑大飯店

Feb 2015

Wushanding Mud Volcano 烏山頂泥火山

Dec 2014

Huatan Treehouse

Dec 2014

An Abandoned Lookout on Guanshan