Moonrise Over Tamsui

Moonrise over the skeletal outline of an abandoned home in Tamsui.

Yesterday I ventured out to to have a closer look at this historic town in northern . After a full day of tromping around forts, old streets, abandoned buildings, and temples I stopped in front of Qīngshuǐ Temple 清水巖 to watch the moon rise over the skeletal outlines of a gutted home now filled with poured concrete. Tamsui is more known for its sunsets but I have a habit of doing things differently. This shot is entirely handheld and, as such, the details are a little washed out and grainy, but it still looks nice at web resolutions. Moody and serene.

A total lunar eclipse


I watched the lunar eclipse from Baguashan in tonight. It was a rare luxury to stand still and simply appreciate something in the great outdoors for a while. The air was fresh and the temperature was just perfect. As the shadow of the earth crept across the face of the moon I could not recall my last eclipse. Now, having noted this one here, I am less likely to forget again.

To Wound The Autumnal City…

Moonrise over the ruins of a skyscraper in Changhua City.

Yesterday I was walking over to the train station in when I looked up and saw the moon rising over the ruins of the Qiáoyǒu Building 喬友大廈, a ruined entertainment complex I have previously written about but not yet explored. Something about the scene instantly reminded me of Samuel R. Delany’s Dhalgren, an enigmatic tome I lifted from the shelves of my high school’s library when I was no more than 16. I suppose if I had to trace the history of my interest in abandoned places back to the source it would invariably lead to—or at least pass through—the ruined city of Bellona.

Moonrise Over Badouzi

The curvature of concrete under the rising moon in Badouzi.

My first mission to Badouzi, a small community on the outskirts of , was an incredibly satisfying experience. I went there last summer without having any idea what I might find. I just picked a spot on the map and followed whatever transit instructions came up.

After adventuring all around the cape I wandered back to the main road to catch the bus back to . I had already watched the moonrise from the seashore—and here it was again, framed by the concrete apartment blocks that line the hills of the northeastern shore.