Synaptic Lightroom Presets 0.7


Synaptic Lightroom Presets 0.7 is now available! This is a major update to my library of open source Lightroom presets. I have renamed most of the folders and restructured the workflow. If you have an older version of my preset library I encourage you to delete it before installing this version.

Download these presets direct from GitHub but don’t forget to read the description. My workflow might be a little unusual in that I break out lens correction, noise reduction, and vignetting into their own individual presets. You will need to learn how to apply them separately to get the most out of this preset library.

Here are a few before and after examples of my presets in action:

For more examples follow me on Flickr or . As always, you can download the latest updates directly from GitHub.

Synaptic Lightroom Presets 0.3


I am happy to announce the release of Synaptic Lightroom Presets 0.3. This is a comprehensive collection of all the develop presets I use in Lightroom 4. Here are a few examples of my presets in action:

For more examples please visit . Further information can be found on GitHub.