Mazu Temple in Pingtung City
South Taiwan Ride 2015: Pingtung City
Jun 2016
In the heart of Jiahe New Village 嘉禾新村
Jiahe New Village 嘉禾新村
Jun 2016
A forest grows out of the old movie theater
Puli Huaguo Theater 埔里華國戲院
Apr 2016
Rows of homes inside Jiangling New Village
Jiangling New Village 江陵新村
Apr 2016
The abandoned Taichung First Credit Union 台中第一信用合
Taichung First Credit Union 台中第一信用合作社
Apr 2016
An oblique view of Datong Theater
Datong Theater 大同戲院
Jan 2016
Vintage texture in Taichung
There Are Patterns
Oct 2015
Carve the sky
Carve The Sky
Sep 2015
On the factory floor at the old automotive plant
Yutian Automotive Factory 羽田汽車工廠
Jun 2015
Inside the brick kiln in Huatan Township
Huatan Hoffmann Kiln 花壇八卦窯
Feb 2015
Forlorn butterfly
House of the Butterfly
Dec 2014
Chinatown, Tainan
Tainan’s Chinatown 台南中國城
Nov 2014
The living ruins of Harbour City
Harbour City 海灣新城
Jun 2014