Taipower box
Transformed By Time
Mar 2017
Stripped down to the core in Caotun
Brutalist Parkade
Feb 2017
A gap in the urban fabric of Dongshi
Between The Nothing
Dec 2016
Snaking up the walls of Taichung
A System of Tubes
Sep 2016
The far side of Yeongdo Bridge
From The Far Side of Yeongdo Bridge
Aug 2016
Looking south from Taimali along the coastal highway in Taitung
South Taiwan Ride 2015: Dawu to Taitung City
Aug 2016
Mondrian garage
Mondrian Parking Garage
Jul 2016
Sanchong skyline obscured by the arc of a bridge
City of Illusions
Jul 2016
Childish Park
Childish Park
Jun 2016
In search of a crooked cop in Taipei
Have You Seen Him
Jun 2016
A nuclear power plant in a national park
Nuclear Paradise
May 2016
Peering into the former Hsinchu City Activity Center
Peering Into A Sports Center in Hsinchu City
Apr 2016
A bridge over the river wall in Yonghe
A Pedestrian Bridge Over The River Wall in Yonghe
Apr 2016
Beneath the Streets of Songshan
Mar 2016
Dismantling an on-ramp next to Taipei’s North Gate
Eight Days of Destruction
Feb 2016
Shuqi Road, the famous stairway in Jiufen
An Overnight Trip to Keelung via Jinguashi and Jiufen
Jan 2016
Yongfu Bridge on a serene winter afternoon
Yongfu Bridge on a serene winter afternoon
Jan 2016
Manila cyberpunk chic
Makati Electric
Nov 2015