An abandoned residential tower on Wanshou Road
Wanshou Road Residential Ruins 萬壽路廢棄社區
May 2017
The infamous lightning building of Linkou
Linkou Lightning Building 林口閃電大樓
Apr 2017
Outside the Zhongying Recreational Building in Taichung
Outside the Zhongying Recreational Building 中英育樂大樓
Sep 2016
A massive apartment block in Thorncliffe Park
A Brutal Order
May 2016
Exterior shot of the Qianyue Building 千越大樓
Qianyue Building 千越大樓
Jan 2016
In the shadows of giants
In The Shadows of Giants
Nov 2015
An abandoned department store in Zhongli
A former Sogo Department Store in Zhongli
Nov 2015
An abandoned department store in the golden light
Fuyou Building 富有大樓
Aug 2015
Endless Zhonghe
The endless urban sprawl of Zhonghe
Aug 2015
Reflective interface
Reflective Interface
Jul 2015
Taichung skyline from a massive entertainment complex
On The Rooftop at Taichung First Square 台中第一廣場
Jul 2015
To the very top
Qiaoyou supplemental
May 2015
Qiaoyou building in Changhua City
Qiaoyou Building 喬友大廈
Apr 2015
A moody view of the endless city
Postcards From Kowloon 九龍明信片
Apr 2015
Moonrise over the ruins of a skyscraper in Changhua City
To Wound The Autumnal City…
Mar 2015
Tunnel vision
Tunnel Vision in Taipei
Mar 2015
Zhongshan tenement blues
Zhongshan Tenement Blues
Mar 2015
An abandoned school in Tainan
School’s out forever
Mar 2015