Yuanlin Hospital in deep afternoon
Yuanlin Hospital 員林醫院
Despite having spent a lot of time in Yuanlin 員林, a mid-sized city in central Changhua 彰化, Taiwan 台灣, I have only recently begun to explore some of its more famous ruins. Among these is Yuanlin Hospital 員林醫院, formally the Changhua County Yuanlin Hospital 彰化縣立員林醫院, originally built in 1963 and…
Mar 2017
Sundown over the coast of Badouzi
Postcards From Badouzi 八斗子
Near the end of my first summer in Taiwan 台灣 I visited Bādǒuzi 八斗子, a rocky headland, coastal park, and major fishing port at the far eastern edge of Zhongzheng District 中正區, Keelung 基隆. I went there on impulse, not knowing what to expect, just to see what was out…
Feb 2017
Chua Trấn Quốc 鎭國寺
Postcards From Hanoi
Gathered here are around forty of my better photographs from a five day stay in Hanoi, Vietnam, in November 2016. All of these images were captured while idly wandering around the famous Old Quarter and its environs. I was not particularly adventurous on this trip but I still managed to…
Dec 2016
Wuri Police Station 烏日警察官吏派出所
Wuri Police Station 烏日警察官吏派出所
Wuri Police Station 烏日警察官吏派出所 is a historic Japanese colonial era building dating back to the early 1930s. Located in Wuri 烏日, Taichung 台中, it was built in a simple, subdued style with more of a nod toward Rationalism than the localized Art Deco or Baroque Revival styles commonly seen in…
Nov 2016
An abandoned fortification on the Dadu Plateau
Dadu Plateau Anti-Airborne Fortifications 大肚台地反空降堡
Dàdù Plateau 大肚台地 (also known as Dadu Mountain 大肚山) is a geographic feature of great strategic importance to the defense of central Taiwan 台灣. It overlooks the west coastal plain and occupies high ground on the far edge of the Taichung Basin 台中盆地, home to the majority of the population…
Nov 2016
Landing in Peninsular Malaysia
Cheap Flights From Taiwan
This guide features a list of cheap, direct flights from Taiwan 台灣 for planning visa runs and inexpensive vacations. Most non-Taiwanese simply fly across the Strait to Hong Kong 香港 to file paperwork but I prefer spending a few days wherever I go to make up for the needless hassle…
Oct 2016
Inside the courtyard at the famous Changhua Confucius Temple
Postcards From Changhua City 2 彰化市明信片
Not long after moving to the capital of Changhua 彰化 in 2014 I published a collection of photographs entitled Postcards from Changhua City. All of the photos in that post were shot in my first few months of residency but I ended up staying for half a year. In that…
Oct 2016
The gigantic statue on top of Hengwen temple, Yuanlin
Hengwen Temple 衡文宮
Héngwén Temple 衡文宮 is located on the south side of Yuanlin 員林, a mid-sized city in Changhua 彰化, Taiwan 台灣. Completed in 1976, this temple is mainly notable for its 72 foot-tall statue of Xuán Wǔ 玄武, literally “Dark Warrior”, alternately known as Xuán Dì 玄帝 (“Dark Deity”) or Xuántiān…
Sep 2016
Down at ground level inside Xinxing Theater
Xinxing Theater 新興戲院
Recently I visited Xinpu 新埔, a small Hakka town in the hills of Hsinchu 新竹, Taiwan 台灣, alongside fellow photographer and blogger Josh Ellis. I was curious to confirm reports of a historic theater along the former Entertainment Street 娛樂街 but the location in my notes was occupied by a…
Sep 2016
The entrance to Nga Tsin Wai Village 衙前圍村
Nga Tsin Wai: The Last Walled Village of Kowloon
Nga Tsin Wai Village 衙前圍村 is widely known as the last walled village of Kowloon 九龍. Located not far from the former location of the infamous Kowloon Walled City 九龍城寨, the village traces its history back to the 1352 founding of its modest Tin Hau Temple 天后宮. It was fortified…
Aug 2016