Irregular facade
Department of Decay
Apr 2017
A gap in the urban fabric of Dongshi
Between The Nothing
Dec 2016
Taichung’s Zhongsen Theater 中森戲院
A Requiem for Zhongsen Theater 中森戲院
Dec 2016
Forlorn sentinel
Forlorn Sentinel
Aug 2016
Heart of the market
Dark Heart of the Doomed Market
Jul 2016
Reflections of a radial sky
Reflections of a Radial Sky
Apr 2016
Return home in peace
Return Home In Peace
Apr 2016
Time is not reversible
Time Is Not Reversible 時間是不可逆轉
Apr 2016
Awake or dreaming
Concentrate On What Matters
Apr 2016
A Taiwanese half dollar
Half Dollar For Your Thoughts?
Mar 2016
The rhythm of infinite life
The Rhythm of Infinite Life
Mar 2016
Waiting for the countdown
Reflections and intentions
Jan 2016
Looking back in Sanchong
Looking back in Sanchong
Jan 2016
A failed construction project in the heart of Taipei
Showdown at the Taipei Dome
Nov 2015
A city made of concrete
The Interface Between Cells Of The City
Oct 2015
A door in Jiahe New Village
Symbol of Fortune
Oct 2015
Carve the sky
Carve The Sky
Sep 2015
An iconic pedestrian overpass in Keelung
An Iconic Pedestrian Bridge in Keelung
Jul 2015