The entrance to Fort Santiago
Postcards From Intramuros
Mar 2017
An abandoned fortification on the Dadu Plateau
Dadu Plateau Anti-Airborne Fortifications 大肚台地反空降堡
Nov 2016
Former Japanese Army Taichung Aerodrome Gun Tower 原日軍臺
Taichung Aerodrome Gun Tower 臺中飛行場機槍堡
Oct 2016
Jishan Gatehouse 積善樓
Jishan Gatehouse 積善樓
Oct 2016
Forlorn sentinel
Forlorn Sentinel
Aug 2016
A closer look at the Seiden at Shurijo
Shuri Castle 首里城
Apr 2016
Dismantling an on-ramp next to Taipei’s North Gate
Eight Days of Destruction
Feb 2016
Shuqi Road, the famous stairway in Jiufen
An Overnight Trip to Keelung via Jinguashi and Jiufen
Jan 2016
Xiaonanmen on winter solstice
Xiaonanmen on the shortest day of the year
Dec 2015
A tunnel on the coastal plains of Pingtung
A False Tunnel on the Coastal Plains of Pingtung 嘉和遮體
Jun 2015
Sunset in a Japanese fortification in Xinpi
Xinpi Machine Gun Fort 新埤反空降機槍碉堡
Jun 2015
Immediately outside Fengyi Gate 鳳儀門
The Old Walled City of Zuoying
May 2015
Nanmen, Tainan’s great southern gate
The Great Southern Gate of Tainan 臺灣府城大南門
Apr 2015
Xiaoximen and the ruins of the eastern wall
Xiaoximen and the Eastern Walls of Tainan
Apr 2015
Xunfang Fortress, Tainan
Xunfang Fortress 巽方砲台
Mar 2015
Fragmented history
Changhua Aerodrome Fortifications 彰化飛行場古砲台
Mar 2015
Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai
Postcards From Chiang Mai 1
Jan 2015
Duiyuemen 兌悅門
Through the Gates of Time
Apr 2014