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Amygdala – Modus Operandi 3


I am a self-taught designer with more than 15 years of experience in the graphic arts. I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom to realize my visions. My source material is varied, including generated graphics, Creative Commons and public domain imagery, and my own photography.
Mar 2017

Synaptic FX Series 2

Jan 2017

Album Art: 7

Feb 2016

Album Art: Full Spectrum Dominance

Jan 2016

Album Art: Techgnosis Vol. 2

Dec 2015

Album Art: Artificial Structures

Nov 2015

Album Art: Allotta

Oct 2015

Album Art: Vitesse

Sep 2015

Album Art: The Dreamhouse Effect

Sep 2015

Album Art: Luzoba

Jul 2015

Album Art: Orobas

Jul 2015

Album Art: Reunion

Apr 2015

Album Art: Blacklight Metropolis

Dec 2014

Album Art: Techgnosis Vol. 1

Nov 2014

Album Art: Being And Becoming

May 2014

Album Art: Deep State

May 2014

Album Art: Live In Montreal

Apr 2014

Synaptic FX Series 1

Apr 2014

Album Art: The Colours Of Ektoplazm