An oblong look at Dong’an Theater
Dong’an Theater 東安戲院
Apr 2017
Irregular facade
Department of Decay
Apr 2017
Chiayi alien underworld
Alien Underworld
Feb 2017
The entrance to a bar in Malate
25 Kilos of Rice
Feb 2017
An abandoned wedding chapel in Neihu
Dark Night at Grace Hill 麗庭莊園
Jan 2017
The former Xizhou Telecom Bureau 溪州原電信局
Xizhou Telecom Bureau 溪州原電信局
Dec 2016
Giant god of grain 五榖神農大帝
A Short Ride Around Western Taoyuan
Nov 2016
White riot
White Riot
Nov 2016
Roller club and restaurant
Space Roller, Chiang Mai
Jul 2016
Fresh fish at Kanziding Fish Market
Keelung’s All-Night Kanziding Fish Market 基隆崁仔頂漁市場
May 2016
One last glance at 1933 Shanghai
1933 Shanghai: Art Deco Abattoir
May 2016
Times Theater, Manila
An Architectural Tour of Central Manila
May 2016
A shopping street in Chuansha New Town
First Light In China
Apr 2016
Ear cleaning shop in Wanhua
Clean Your Head
Apr 2016
In front of Futai Street Mansion, Taipei
Futai Street Mansion 撫臺街洋樓
Apr 2016
Wenya Barber Shop, Hsinchu City
A Vintage Barber in Hsinchu
Apr 2016
Hen 1/2, Taiping Old Street, Douliu
Taiping Old Street 太平老街
Apr 2016
The abandoned Taichung First Credit Union 台中第一信用合
Taichung First Credit Union 台中第一信用合作社
Apr 2016