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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection
Cute luck in Changhua City


Chinese is really many different languages with common characteristics, varying degrees of overlap and mutual intelligibility, and a written script. This section contains content related to the study of the Chinese language family, not so much the culture or people, and not necessarily the modern nation of China.

May 2017

A Curious Character

Mar 2017

Transformed By Time

Feb 2017

Alien Underworld

Dec 2016

A Defender of China

Oct 2016

A Derelict Entertainment Complex in Zhongli

Sep 2016

A Lantern Trio in Hsinchu County

Jul 2016
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Giant Bird Crossing at Taida

Apr 2016
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Clean Your Head

Apr 2016

Love Or Punishment

Apr 2016

Please Recycle, Dear Leader

Apr 2016

A Gem of a Storefront in Hsinchu

Apr 2016

A Pedestrian Bridge Over The River Wall in Yonghe

Apr 2016

Return Home in Peace

Apr 2016

Time Is Not Reversible 時間是不可逆轉

Mar 2016

Prohibited Decay

Mar 2016

Broadway Cinema Redux

Mar 2016

Outside Nanshan Theater 湳山戲院

Feb 2016
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Taichung Times Square 時代大廣場