The far side of Yeongdo Bridge
From The Far Side of Yeongdo Bridge
Aug 2016
Sanchong skyline obscured by the arc of a bridge
City of Illusions
Jul 2016
A bridge over the river wall in Yonghe
A Pedestrian Bridge Over The River Wall in Yonghe
Apr 2016
Yongfu Bridge on a serene winter afternoon
Yongfu Bridge on a serene winter afternoon
Jan 2016
An iconic pedestrian overpass in Keelung
An Iconic Pedestrian Bridge in Keelung
Jul 2015
A bridge to nowhere in Pingxi
An Unfinished Bridge in Pingxi
Apr 2015
Crossing the bridge into Beigang
Postcards From Beigang 北港明信片
Jan 2015
A cybernetic bridge near Yuanshan MRT
A Cybernetic Bridge in Taipei
Nov 2014
A moment with no past or future
Into The Unknown
Oct 2014
The red beams of Xiluo Bridge
Xiluo Bridge 西螺大橋
Sep 2014
Bracebridge Falls
Twilight at Bracebridge Falls
Aug 2014
Longteng broken bridge 龍騰斷橋
Longteng Broken Bridge 龍騰斷橋
May 2014
A still image from Neo Taipei
On The Dark Streets of Neo Taipei
May 2014
Fishing on Jingmei River
A Strange, Hazy Day Out Here in Taipei
Feb 2014
Leaving Taipei behind
Taiwan bicycle tour: Taipei to Zhubei
Sep 2013
A bridge in the tropics
Postcards From Tuaran
Mar 2013
Riding the seawall at sunset
Riding the seawall in November
Nov 2012
Exploring the Don Valley
A Bridge On The Trail
Sep 2010