25 Kilos of Rice

The doorway to a hostess club in advertising an attendance and referral bonus paid in rice.

Yesterday I wandered through Malate, a commercial district at the south end of , in search of the ruins of the historic Gaiety Theater. Unfortunately the building was demolished sometime last year—something that the Wikipedia entry didn’t mention until I updated it with my findings. Of course I was also capturing photos along the way, among them this shot of the entrance to Kimura キムラ, a small hostess club obviously catering to a Japanese clientele. Such bars are common anywhere Japanese businessmen travel in Asia and you can read a little more about what goes on inside similar establishments here in or watch this obscure, dimly-lit video advertisement for the club.


Outside TCRC Bar at night.

TCRC Bar is a hip cocktail bar inside a beautiful old historic home in back alley . It is an extension of TCRC Live House, short for The Checkered Record Club, a small live music venue located just around the corner that is also worth a look. Although it isn’t strictly a speakeasy TCRC Bar is about as close as Tainan gets to a place like Ounce in .