Fire chicken circle
Fire Rooster Mandala
Feb 2017
Dragon ceiling at Taoyuan Guandi Temple 桃園關帝廟
Lost In The Dragon
Jan 2017
Mondrian garage
Mondrian Parking Garage
Jul 2016
The rooftop at Qinghe Temple 清和宮 in Alian
Three Stars in Rural Kaohsiung
Jun 2016
Looking into Yuqu Temple, Lukang
Lukang Yuqu Temple 鹿港玉渠宮
Jun 2016
Silly tiger at Daodong Academy
Daodong Academy 道東書院
Jun 2016
The World in Aves’ Eyes
The Birdman of Taipei Station
May 2016
Postcards from Google Earth (Sample)
Postcards From Google Earth
Apr 2016
Awake or dreaming
Concentrate On What Matters
Apr 2016
Trapping Light
Mar 2016
Mar 2016
The rhythm of infinite life
The Rhythm of Infinite Life
Mar 2016
Hammock and tea at the Taipei Biennial 2014
Snapshots from the Taipei Biennial 2014
Feb 2016
Hand-painted movie posters in Zhongli
Zhongyuan Grand Theater 中源大戲院
Jan 2016
Imprisoned in the endless city
Imprisoned in the Endless City
Dec 2015
Taipei Ruin Academy in 2015
What Remains of the Taipei Ruin Academy
Dec 2015
The view from the bottom of the snake kiln
Shuili Snake Kiln 水里蛇窯
Nov 2015
A beautiful window in Fugang
An Ornate Temple Window In Rural Taoyuan
Oct 2015