1933 Shanghai: Art Deco Abattoir

The distinctive facade of 1933 Shanghai.

Gathered here are several photographs from a brief walk around 1933 Shanghai (上海1933老场坊), an unusual slaughterhouse in , part of the former Shanghai International Settlement. Designed by a British architect in an arguably Art Deco style and built with imported cement in 1933, it was recently renovated and transformed into a hub for the creative industries. Seeing as how this is , several high-quality English language articles have already been published about it, so I will hereby refer you to Atlas Obscura, Shanghai Art Deco, Mas Context, Randomwire, and La Casa Park for more information and informed analysis.

An Architectural Tour of Central Manila

Capitol Theater, Escolta Street, Manila.

During my weeklong trip to late last year I ventured into Binondo and Quiapo to check out some of the famous old Art Deco buildings in the area. Along the way I also visited Paco Railway Station (entirely by accident) and the Manila Metropolitan Theater. Presented here are an assortment of other pre-war buildings from the early 20th century, annotated with links to more information.

Yanping Old Street 延平老街

Beautiful old architecture along Yanping Old Street in Xiluo.

(or Siluo, to use an alternate romanization) is a small historic town on the left bank of the Zhoushui River in . It became an important center of trade in central during the Qing dynasty and continued to prosper under Japanese colonial rule into the early 20th century. Disaster struck in 1935 when the devastating 1935 Hsinchu-Taichung earthquake reduced much of Xiluo to rubble. Imperial Japan, acting under pretensions of bringing modernity to Asia, remade the main commercial street with an unusual blend of local and western architectural influences—mainly Art Deco with traces of modernism. Many of these buildings remain standing today—and can be seen by taking a short stroll down Yánpíng Old Street 延平老街.