Irregular facade
Department of Decay
Apr 2017
Taipower box
Transformed By Time
Mar 2017
Taichung parking lot abstract
Parking Lot Palimpsest
Jan 2017
Heart of the market
Dark Heart of the Doomed Market
Jul 2016
A crumbling wall near the grounds of the old Taichung Prison
Wattle + Decay
Apr 2016
Reflections of a radial sky
Reflections of a Radial Sky
Apr 2016
Awake or dreaming
Concentrate On What Matters
Apr 2016
Decaying prohibition 1
Prohibited Decay
Mar 2016
Broadway cinema redux
Broadway Cinema Redux
Mar 2016
Mar 2016
The rhythm of infinite life
The Rhythm of Infinite Life
Mar 2016
Reflections of the Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店
The Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店
Feb 2016
A thousand electric candles
A Thousand Electric Candles in the Server Room of the Gods
Dec 2015
Vintage texture in Taichung
There Are Patterns
Oct 2015
Textures of Zhongli
Oct 2015
Scrap metal cables
Tingzhou Scrap Metal Study
Oct 2015
Neon cinema
Neon Red Cinema
Aug 2015
Reflective interface
Reflective Interface
Jul 2015