In The Shadows of Giants

Standing tall in the forlorn heart of Makati.

I am somewhere else again. , this time. I’m here on yet another “visa run” (though in truth I need no visa), fulfilling my obligations to to leave the country every 90 days. Previously I have visited , , , and on such trips, so now it’s time to experience something of the , a place I don’t know very much about.

I begin somewhere completely out of the ordinary, nestled between some of the tallest buildings in the nation. There’s no room between these buildings so the streets are cast in shadows by early afternoon. Strange, then, to walk around and not have the tropical sun beating down on me.

At any rate, I wanted to send this postcard out while I’m still on the ground. This might be the most uncharacteristic picture of the I could possibly lead with… but it’s good to start somewhere.


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