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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Doll on the Wall

Hung out to dry high above Shihmen Reservoir.

On the way back from Hsinchu 新竹 a few weeks ago I stopped to appreciate the view in the small aboriginal hamlet of Xīkǒutái 溪口台 on the south side of the vast Shihmen Reservoir 石門水庫, home of the Rahaw (or Takan) people, members of the Atayal tribe. There wasn’t that much to see apart from a long row of houses and, on the near side of the main road, this clothesline stretched out against a concrete wall. The doll caught my eye, of course, so I snapped a quick shot just as an old lady stepped out of the house to take it down. We looked at each other, shared a smile, and I continued on my way.

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