A Sass micro-library for working with named colours

This week I published another one of my small projects, a Sass micro-library by the name of sass-named-colors. The purpose of this is simple: provide an easy interface to a standardized list of 1,500+ named colours originally compiled by Chirag Mehta and converted to Sass by James Pearson. No need to puzzle out hex values; just use k-colour(emerald), k-colour(monsoon), k-colour(cloud), and so on. The library also features aliased functions and variable names for those who prefer to work with colours (the non-American spelling), admittedly a bit of a pedantic flourish. Plain old “colors” is the default, though personally I stick with the spelling I am used to in my own work (and in this post).

Installation is a breeze via Bower: bower install sass-named-colors -D. This library has no dependencies but requires Sass 3.3+ due to reliance on the map-get() function and an approach outlined by Erskine Design.

This library ships with one function: k-colour($colour, $fallback, $library). Only $colour is required; the remaining arguments are mainly for internal use. Example:

@import "sass-named-colors/named_colours";

.element {
  color: k-colour(red);
  &:hover {
    color: rgba(k-colour(orange), .9);

To extend the built-in colours on a per-project basis:

$k-colours: map-merge($k-colours, (
  norse-blue:     #5cb6cc,
  suomi-blue:     #559dd1,
  steel-sky:      #444547,
  jove:           #24221E

Need a tool to browse the options? Try the colour picker on the original Name That Color project page.

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