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An Old Home in Rural Hemei 和美老屋

A beautiful home hidden in the overgrowth at the side of the highway in rural Hemei.

I went out riding through Héměi 和美 not so long ago, drawn by the allure of a mysterious building that I will write about sometime soon. On the return trip I noticed this old home peeking out of the woods at the side of Zhāngxīn Road 彰新路, better known as highway 139. I don’t stop every time I see the signs of abandonment—for I would never get anywhere at all in rural Taiwan if I did so—but this place seemed worth a look. After pushing through the overgrowth I was impressed by the classical beauty of the stonework and inscriptions on the outside of the building.

Judging from the duotone brickwork the left side of the building was likely an addition.
Look left.
Look right.
The inscription over the left archway.
The inscription over the doorway in detail.
Not much left of the right side of the building. The roof is long gone and nature is doing her best to break down the remaining walls.
An abandoned home in rural Hemei from the roadside.

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