An Early Foray Into The Ruins of Taiwan

Creeping up the stairs to the rooftop of an abandoned restaurant in Pingxi.

This image is a revision of a photograph I captured in what was probably an abandoned restaurant not far from Shifen Waterfall 十分瀑布 in . I ventured out that way sometime in May 2013, maybe a week after moving to the first time around, having hardly stepped outside of at that point.

It was with some sense of surprise that I noticed many abandoned buildings scattered around the small towns that run along the railway line. In between more approved forms of tourism I went to go check out a few of these ruins, among them a building I later dubbed the House of the Green Shoes. The ruin pictured here was less interesting but the crumbling stairway to the rooftop still made for a good photo opportunity. I can say with certainty that I never imagined I would go on to see .